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If you or a loved one were sexually abused while training through one of the University of Iowa's athletics programs, our experienced personal injury attorneys can help. You are not alone.

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Were you or a loved one sexually abused by a coach, doctor or trainer at the University of Iowa? You are not alone. Hundreds of young women and men across the country have accused their college athletics doctors, trainers and coaches of sexual abuse in recent years.

We believe you, and we believe your story should be told. Learn more about your legal options in a free consultation from lawyers that represent Olympic sexual abuse survivors.

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Sexual Abuse Survivors Deserve Justice

We can help you come forward safely and with confidence. Sexual assault need not define your life. Like hundreds of survivors before you, you can step forward and share your story.

In recent months, we've heard shocking stories from universities across the country. At this point, we are all familiar with the tragic and disgusting claims that have emerged from Michigan State University, where the prominent, now disgraced Larry Nassar worked as a doctor for decades.

Now a convicted child molester, Nassar is said to have abused hundreds of young gymnasts during his tenure at MSU, a fact that survivors say was hidden by high-level officials at the school.

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Ohio State Wrestling Crisis Echoes Nassar Scandal

A similar scandal is now playing itself out at Ohio State University, where deceased wrestling doctor Richard Strauss is accused of having sexually abused dozens of young men over the course of many years. As at MSU, Ohio State has been accused of failing to act on multiple sexual abuse complaints.

These abhorrent crimes are only now coming to light, even though sexual abuse allegations go back decades. In hundreds of civil lawsuits, sexual abuse survivors are fighting back, but their allegations aren't exclusively against the colleges that they attended. In lawsuit after lawsuit, survivors say sexual abuse is widespread throughout college athletics. As for who is to blame for this problem, the plaintiffs point to a trifecta of allegedly responsible organizations: the college, the US Olympic Committee and one of its national governing bodies.

Survivors Level Negligence Allegations At USOC

In Michigan, USA Gymnastics has been accused of concealing reports of Nassar's abuse for years; plaintiffs say executives in the organization were well aware that Nassar was violating his patients, but failed to act on that knowledge. They also lay blame on the US Olympic Committee, an organization they say governs over a corrupt and exploitative regime that prioritizes reputation and profit over player safety.

In Ohio, a similar set of allegations have been leveled against USA Wrestling, which is said to have concealed reports of sexual abuse against Strauss. In another set of lawsuits, USA Swimming faces almost identical claims of negligence and concealment in relation to a separate sexual abuse scandal.

Lawsuits: Pattern Of Concealment

Taken together, this series of recent scandals suggests a dark truth, one claimed in hundreds of sexual abuse lawsuit. Olympic-level athletics, it is alleged, is a breeding ground for dangerous sexual predators, one in which predators are allowed to gain access to thousands of unsuspecting victims through the negligence of their supervisors.

If these allegations are true, we believe it is time that the culture of college athletics was changed fundamentally. No one deserves to be subjected to abuse, and no sex abuse survivor deserves to have their complaints ignored. If colleges and universities failed to act on sexual abuse reports, they should be held accountable for their negligence to survivors in court.

Attorneys Launch Full University Of Iowa Investigation

In light of recent revelations, our experienced team of personal injury lawyers has opened a full investigation into sexual abuse complaints at the University of Iowa. If you were abused at Iowa, our compassionate attorneys can help.

We're reaching out to the Hawkeyes community for information. Recent complaints suggest that officials at the University of Iowa may have mishandled sexual assault complaints in the past. If you have information that could further our investigation, we want to hear from you.

We understand that stepping forward to share your story can be overwhelming. Standing up to a respected coach, trainer or doctor can be terrifying. Many survivors struggle to deal with a storm of powerful emotions, from anger and grief to shame and guilt. Please know that this was not your fault.

You did nothing to cause what happened to you. The only person who deserves blame is the perpetrator, along with any official who, through their negligence, enabled the abuse to occur. You deserve to be supported, and we want to help. Learn more about your legal options in a free consultation. We can help guide you through the legal process with confidence.

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