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Two sexual abuse scandals have rocked the world of Ohio State athletics. In July 2018, two major lawsuits broke on the scene, drawing up serious questions about Ohio State's commitment to preventing and responding to sexual abuse complaints appropriately.

Sexual Abuse Scandals At Ohio State Shock Buckeyes

First, a former Olympic-level diver who worked through the Ohio State Diving Club accused University officials of concealing the alleged abuse committed by William Bohonyi, a US Diving-affiliated coach who allegedly exploited her for years.

NCAA Basketball

Then, a group of former Ohio State wrestlers accused Ohio State administrators and coaches of ignoring for decades the wealth of molestation complaints against Richard Strauss, a team doctor who may have abused hundreds of young male athletes.

But both groups of plaintiffs say the problem is much deeper than their own individual cases. Olympic-level athletics, the plaintiffs say, is a breeding ground for sexual abuse and exploitation, a dark world in which administrators and coaches routinely ignore abuse complaints because it would be bad for business, their reputations, and their Olympic dreams.

Attorneys Open Investigation Into Ohio State Basketball

Taken together, these recent crises suggest to many observers that sexual abuse is not an isolated incident at Ohio State, but a widespread and troubling phenomenon. We've heard troubling stories of sexual abuse reports that go unanswered, are swept under the rug or dismissed out of hand.

In the wake of these serious allegations, our experienced sexual abuse attorneys have launched a full investigation into Ohio State's sexual abuse response policies, with a particular focus on individual molestation cases.

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To further our investigation, we're reaching out to members of the Buckeye athletics community. We need to understand the full extent of this problem to properly assess the legal options for sexual assault survivors and their families.

If you or your loved one was abused while training in Ohio State's basketball program, we want to hear from you. Some abuse survivors may be eligible to pursue accountability and financial compensation by filing a personal injury lawsuit. You can learn more about our investigation by scheduling a free legal consultation today. Find more information at no charge and no obligation.

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