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In her new lawsuit, a young student-athlete accuses Ohio State University of mishandling her sexual abuse case. A former Olympic-level diver who worked through the USA Diving-affiliated Ohio State Diving Club, she claims that sexual abuse and exploitation are routine parts of international competition.

Sexual Abuse Crisis In Olympic Sports

In court documents filed in federal court, the young woman says that sexual abuse is widespread throughout every sport controlled by the US Olympic Committee, which controls entry into the Olympic Games, Paralympic Games and Pan American Games.

Competitive Fencing

According to her allegations, along with those contained in hundreds of other recent lawsuits, Olympic-level training leaves tens of thousands of young women vulnerable to sexual exploitation, as pedophile coaches are ignored by high-ranking executives at USOC who are more interested in earning medals and money than protecting student-athletes. Is a similar problem lurking in Ohio State's fencing program?

Investigation Launched Into Ohio State Fencing Club

In the wake of these serious allegations, our dedicated sexual abuse legal team has opened a full investigation into the sexual assault and molestation policies of Ohio State University.

We've heard troubling stories in which Ohio State officials failed to report hundreds of child pornography to the police, choosing to allow a sexual predator to continue abusing his victim for months after the truth of their relationship was discovered. If true, these allegations must be met with concerted and unrelenting action.

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To understand the scope of this problem, we're reaching out to members of the Buckeye fencing community to learn more about how Ohio State's USA Fencing-affiliated fencing program handles sexual abuse and assault complaints.

If you have information relevant to our investigation, we urge you to contact us today for a free consultation. Some sexual abuse survivors may have the right to pursue legal action, seeking financial damages and accountability from the responsible parties.

Hundreds File Abuse Lawsuits Against USOC

Hundreds of abuse lawsuits have already been filed against USA Gymnastics and the US Olympic Committee for turning a blind eye to the horrific crimes of convicted child molester Larry Nassar. We believe the problem goes far beyond Nassar and USA Gymnastics.

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