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Two new class action lawsuits have raised serious questions about how Ohio State University responds to sexual abuse allegations. In their cases, a group of former student-athletes say they were sexually molested for years by coaches and doctors employed by Ohio State. They say high-level University received numerous sexual abuse reports, but did nothing for years, allowing perhaps thousands of young athletes to be molested.

Lawyers Launch Investigation Into Ohio State Ice Hockey

In light of these new allegations, our dedicated sexual abuse legal team has launched a full investigation into Ohio State's practice and policies around sexual abuse and molestation.

Ice Hockey Game

We believe serious allegations should be met with serious action. To promote our investigation, we're reaching out to members of the Buckeye community for information. If you or a loved one were victimized while training in Ohio State's ice hockey program, we want to hear from you.

We need to understand the scope of this emerging problem before we can properly calibrate our legal response. Help us by scheduling a free consultation today. You can learn more about your rights and options at no charge and no obligation. Just call or complete our contact form now.

The Team USA Sexual Abuse Scandal

Sexual abuse and exploitation appear to be rampant in Olympic-level competition. The United States Olympic Committee is facing a true crisis, as athletes from USA Gymnastics, USA Swimming and USA Taekwondo continue to step forward to describe their own horrific experiences with team coaches and doctors.

In many cases, their allegations shed a troubling light on the USOC's conduct, depicting an organization more interested in pursuing lucrative business deals and international prestige than player safety. At the same time, many of these allegations have spilled over to implicate the colleges and universities where so many high-level young athletes train. Michigan State University and the University of Southern California have come under intense scrutiny.

Ohio State University Comes Under Fire In New Cases

Now, with the filing of two federal class action lawsuits, Ohio State University finds itself in a similar position. In her class action, a former Ohio State diver accuses the University of failing to report hundreds of child pornography images allegedly taken by her former USA Diving-affiliated coach, William Bohonyi. And in a separate action, four former Ohio State wrestlers say they were abused over the course of decades by long-time team doctor Richard Strauss.

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