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A new class action has shocked Buckeyes across the country. In her lawsuit, recently filed in federal court, a former Olympic-level diver accuses Ohio State University of mishandling an egregious case of sexual abuse. Allegedly abused for years by a USA Diving-affiliated coach, the young woman says she is not alone. Not by a long shot.

Lawsuit: Sexual Abuse "Rampant" In Olympic-Level Training Programs

In court documents, she describes the hundreds and hundreds of clubs and college programs that train young athletes for international competition as breeding grounds for sexual abuse and exploitation. She says the problem is widespread and systemic, ranging throughout each of the 47 national governing bodies she says are controlled by the United States Olympic Committee.

College Volleyball Match

Even worse, using shocking evidence, she says the USOC, along with its national governing bodies, often facilitates the abuse by turning a blind eye to dangerous pedophiles. In her own case, the plaintiff describes her experience being victimized for years by a USA Diving-affiliated coach who worked through Ohio State's Diving Club.

Is Abuse Widespread Throughout USOC-Controlled Youth Sports?

But this problem isn't limited to USA Diving, USA Gymnastics or USA Taekwondo, all of which have found themselves at the center of sexual abuse scandals in recent years, she claims. Hundreds upon hundreds of young women have already stepped out of the shadows, filing lawsuits of their own against the USOC and its national governing bodies.

Many of these lawsuits spill over to implicate the colleges and universities affiliated with the USOC, including Michigan State University, which harbored Larry Nassar for years, and now Ohio State.

Lawyers Open Investigation Into Ohio State Volleyball Club

In light of these shocking allegations, our dedicated sexual abuse attorneys have launched an investigation into Ohio State's practices and policies surrounding sexual abuse complaints. We are also investigating individual sexual abuse reports. We believe some sexual abuse survivors may be eligible to pursue accountability and financial compensation by filing personal injury lawsuits. As part of our investigation, we're reaching out to members of the Buckeye volleyball community for input.

Were you or a loved affected by this issue. Have you been sexually abused by a coach or volunteer at Ohio State? We want to hear from you. Help us understand the scope of this problem so we can best serve you and other survivors in our efforts. You can learn more about your rights and our investigation in a free consultation today. Just contact our attorneys now.

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