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Illinois Pain Doctor V.S. Karuparthy Charged For Sexual Assault

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Were you or a loved one sexually assaulted by Dr. V.R. Karuparthy, a pain specialist in Rock Island, Illinois? Our compassionate personal injury attorneys can help.

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A Rock Island, Illinois pain specialist has been charged for sexual misconduct. Dr. V.R. Karuparthy, owner of the Integrative Pain Center of America, faces two counts of criminal sexual abuse. Authorities say Karuparthy is accused of touching a patient inappropriately during a therapeutic session. Karuparthy has entered a not guilty plea, according to WQAD8.

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Were you or a loved one assaulted by Dr. V.R. Karuparthy? You are not alone. We believe you, and we believe your story deserves to be told. Our experienced attorneys are here to help. is sponsored by a national network of attorneys who have devoted their lives to promoting the rights of sexual assault survivors. Join us in the pursuit of justice.

Thanks to Illinois prosecutors, V.R. Karuparthy is being held accountable for his alleged misconduct in the criminal justice system. Civil action may also be possible. If you or a loved one were assaulted, you may be eligible to pursue a private civil lawsuit against Dr. Karuparthy and his medical practice. The charges against Dr. Karuparthy are very serious. He is accused of abusing his position of trust and authority to commit sexual crimes. This is unacceptable.

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As a sexual assault survivor, you have powerful legal options under Illinois' civil legal system. Private lawsuits can be filed against doctors who violate their sworn code of conduct and harm patients. If the allegations against Dr. Karuparthy are true, he has committed medical malpractice under the civil code. This is an actionable offense in the civil courts.

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Medical Practice Closes After Pain Doctor Accused Of Sexual Misconduct

Karuparthy's medical practice, Integrative Pain Centers of America, was closed after his arrest. Dr. Karuparthy's license was suspended soon after the charges emerged. According to the Illinois Department of Financial and Professional Regulation, this is the fifth issue to impact Karuparthy's license to date.

Few details from the alleged assault have been released. A criminal complaint makes clear that the accusations involve a patient of Dr. Karuparthy, and that the misconduct is alleged to have taken place during the provision of medical services. A criminal complaint against Dr. Karuparthy suggests that his alleged victim was not able to consent at the time of the misconduct.

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