Former Deptford High School Track Coach William Corsey III Pleads Guilty To Sexual Abuse In New Jersey

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Were you or a loved one sexually abused by William Corsey III, former track coach at Deptford High School in New Jersey? Our experienced sexual abuse attorneys are here to help.

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A former Deptford High School track coach has been convicted of student sexual abuse in New Jersey. William Corsey III was accused of sexually abusing a student during his tenure at Deptford High School. Corsey pleaded guilty to the charges and was sentenced to eight years in prison, being released in 2007, according to

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Were you or a loved one abused by William Corsey III, a former track coach at Deptford High School? Our dedicated New Jersey sexual assault lawyers are here to help. You are not alone. Thanks to New Jersey's tradition of civil common law, you and your loved ones have powerful legal options. If you or a loved one were abused, you may be eligible to file a private civil lawsuit.

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Our experienced sexual abuse lawyers can help. You may be eligible to pursue a civil lawsuit against your abuser and the third-party defendants who enabled your abuse to occur, including Deptford High School. This is your right as a resident of New Jersey. Our attorneys can walk you through the legal process with confidence. Over four decades of combined trial experience, our lawyers have already helped countless sexual abuse survivors fight for justice on their own terms.

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Former New Jersey Track Coach Convicted Of Sexual Molestation

In 2002, William Corsey III pleaded guilty to a charge of criminal sexual assault, acknowledging his culpability in the sexual abuse of a child. He was sentenced to eight years in prison and was released in 2007. Since his conviction, at least one other victim has come forward to accuse Corsey of sexual abuse, though prosecutors believe that additional victims may have yet to step forward. Our attorneys have opened a full investigation into the abuse of William Corsey III, with a view to bringing new allegations to light. If you or a loved one have information relevant to our investigation, contact our attorneys today.

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But the pain of Corsey's victims go further than sexual abuse. In 2000, the former track coach's son fatally stabbed Chris Bensinger, the 18-year-old boyfriend of one of his father's sexual abuse victims. Chris Bensinger was convicted of manslaughter in 2007 and sentenced to prison time. He was released from incarceration about a year later.

Thankfully, Corsey's victim has not allowed her abuse to stop her pursuit for justice. Instead, Katlyn Pagaduan, who has chosen to make her name public, fought for change at the highest levels, working with Pennsylvania Senator Pat Toomey to pass legislation in hopes of preventing further sexual abuse from occurring. Pagaduan was instrumental to the 2015 passage of the Passing-the-Trash Ban, a bill targeting schools who assist known sexual molesters in gaining new employment in education.

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