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We believe you. If you or a loved one were abused by Daniel Moore, you have powerful legal options. Indiana law empowers sexual abuse survivors to fight back against the responsible parties by filing a civil lawsuit. You may be eligible to secure significant financial compensation by pursuing civil litigation.

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Daniel J. Moore was sentenced to 10 years in prison for molesting a 15-year-old church member after being asked to council her by her mother. In 2010, he pleaded guilty on March 15 to charges of felony child solicitation and sexual misconduct as part of a plea agreement.

Former pastor of New Whiteland Baptist Church, Moore was paroled out of prison, but remains a registered sex offender in the State of Indiana.

Mother Tearfully Describes Baptist Minister’s Abuse

The victim’s mother, who has not been identified to protect the safety of her daughter, said she was satisfied with the plea agreement because she was unwilling to put her child, then 17 years old, through the rigors of a jury trial.

In a victim’s impact statement read at Moore’s sentencing hearing, the mother says she asked Moore to counsel her daughter. She told the pastor that she monitored her daughter’s text communications, so Moore gave the girl a second SIM card to conceal their messages.

The mother says she confronted Moore and his wife about “inappropriate” messages, then received a call from her daughter’s school that her child had been seen with a suspicious-looking elderly man. After searching her daughter’s room, the mother found more inappropriate notes, including one that read, “I love you with the purest love of God.”

The mother soon turned to the police, but says she was quickly abandoned by her church community. Detectives eventually tested the girl’s bed sheets, which came up positive for Moore’s DNA.

Betrayal Of Trust

During her testimony, the victim’s mother said Moore’s conduct was made even worse because she had trusted the Southern Baptist minister completely. The two had worked together on many occasions, even traveling together on mission trips.

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