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Were you or a loved one sexually harassed by Dr. Patrick Sutton, a respected obstetrician-gynecologist in Pasadena, California? Dr. Sutton has been accused of sexual misconduct in the exam room by at least 5 women over the last 20 years. Our experienced California sexual abuse attorneys believe that additional victims have yet to come forward.

Legal Support For Alleged Victims Of Dr. Patrick Sutton

If you or a loved one were mistreated by Dr. Patrick Sutton, our experienced doctor abuse attorneys are here to help. You don’t have to go through this alone. Over the last twenty years, women have accused Dr. Sutton of making inappropriate sexual comments, inappropriate touching, and other forms of misconduct. Did this happen to you, too? We believe you.

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Doctors who abuse their position of authority and power to commit reprehensible violations of patient trust must be held accountable. Survivors deserve strong support from an experienced legal team with their best interests at heart. Sexual harassment and assault can raise a powerful storm of emotions, from anger and grief to shock and shame. These are natural reactions to trauma. We understand.

We believe that some assault and harassment survivors may be eligible to pursue justice and financial compensation by filing a civil lawsuit. There is no excuse for sexual misconduct in the exam room, which is often considered medical malpractice.

You can raise your voice and demand accountability. Learn more about your legal options in a free, confidential consultation now. Our experienced lawyers can guide you through the legal process with confidence. For more information on your powerful legal rights, contact our team today for a free consultation.

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Respected Gynecologist Accused Of Sexual Harassment

A long-time obstetrician and gynecologist in Pasadena have been accused of making sexually-inappropriate comments during an exam. This is the fifth allegation of misconduct leveled at Dr. Patrick Sutton, who practices medicine at Huntington Memorial Hospital. Hospital sexual assault is a major problem in the United States.

California medical board regulators say, Dr. Sutton, 64, made inappropriate sexual comments during a gynecological exam in 2016. In a filing for the medical board, an agency attorney wrote that Sutton told the woman “that he really could not see ‘down there’ because she was really hairy.” Sutton’s comment made the woman uncomfortable.

A female employee who was helping Dr. Sutton then left the room to answer a phone call, at which point Sutton reportedly asked the woman, “Do you have sex?” The woman replied that she did not, noting that she had been in an abusive relationship. Sutton then allegedly asked, “Do you enjoy orgasms, you are a very beautiful woman.”

Sexual Misconduct Is “Never Appropriate”

“Commenting on a patient’s appearance is never appropriate in the field of gynecology,” according to the staff attorney who reviewed the file for the medical board.

Sutton could face a license suspension or revocation, pending the results of the medical board’s investigation. In an interview with California medical board officials, Dr. Sutton acknowledged having a brief conversation with the patient about “sexual function” and said she “cut the discussion short.”

In a review of public medical board documents and legal filings, reporters at the Los Angeles Times have found at least four other sexual misconduct allegations against Dr. Sutton, dating back nearly 20 years.

Pregnant Woman Says Pasadena OB/GYN Violated Her

In 1998, a pregnant woman reported Dr. Sutton after a series of prenatal exams. The woman said that the gynecologist had inappropriately pressed her for information on her sex life. She also claimed that, after asking Sutton about her vaginal dryness, he reached his ungloved hand into her underpants and inserted his fingers into her vagina.

The medical board eventually accused Sutton of gross negligence in 2002, saying he had committed sexual misconduct by “needlessly and inappropriately sexualizing her physical examination.” He reached a settlement with the board under which he admitted to a lesser charge involving a separate patient – failing to keep and maintain adequate records.

Dr. Sutton was placed on four-years probation and required to have a third-party chaperone during exams when a patient was not fully clothed. He was also instructed to take a course on maintaining professional boundaries.

Two Patients File Sexual Harassment Suit Against Sutton

While still on probation, two separate patients filed a sexual battery lawsuit against Dr. Sutton in 2005, accusing the doctor of inappropriate conduct during medical exams. In court documents, the women claim Sutton inappropriately touched them, made lewd comments, and pressed them with distressing questions about their bodies and sex life.

Sutton eventually settled the case out of court for an undisclosed amount. An attorney for the alleged victims says he forwarded documents to the medical board, but the agency did not take action, a claim that was confirmed by medical board staff.

Victim Says Sutton Harassed Her During Exam

In 2008, yet another woman came forward to describe sexual misconduct, accusing Dr. Sutton of counseling her inappropriately on sex and using crude terms for a man’s penis. In filings submitted by California medical board attorneys, the woman, named only as W.C., claimed that Sutton began to press her on her sexual fantasies after his female chaperone left the room during an exam.

The doctor reportedly gave her “unsolicited sex advice” and advised her to call him if she had “any new sexual adventure.” The patient was unclothed under a gown at the time. Sutton was allegedly patting and rubbing her thigh. According to medical board documents, Sutton “told the patient she should feel free to fantasize about anything, ‘whether you like it from behind or the front, with another woman or another man.’ “

These charges resulted in another settlement, in which Sutton agreed to admit to failing to maintain accurate medical records. The charges of sexual misconduct were dropped. He was placed on three years probation, ordered to take another professional boundaries course, instructed to begin psychotherapy, and required to have chaperones with female patients.

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