Chicago, IL Music Teacher, Track Coach Elliott Nott Arrested For Misconduct

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Were you or a loved one sexually abused by Elliot Nott, a former music teacher and track coach at Ogden International School in Chicago, Illinois? Our experienced sexual abuse attorneys are here to help.

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A former Ogden International School music teacher and track coach has been arrested for sexual misconduct in Chicago, Illinois. Elliot Nott, 43, was charged in 2016 for concealing a motion-activated video camera in a staff bathroom used by at least one student at the elementary school, according to the Chicago Tribune.

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Were you or a loved one sexually abused by Elliot Nott? Nott taught kindergarten through fifth grade at the school, located at 24 W. Walton in Chicago, Illinois.

Prior to his work at Ogden International School, Nott served as a track and field coach at New England College. He was also listed as an employee of an elementary school at the time.

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Our experienced IL sexual abuse attorneys are here to help. If you or a loved one suffered at the hands of Elliot Nott, you have powerful legal options. Both New Hampshire and Illinois law empower you to pursue private civil litigation. In filing a civil lawsuit, you can hold the responsible parties accountable and pursue valuable financial compensation.

We believe that you deserve justice. Thanks to the prosecutors of Illinois and New Hampshire, Elliot Nott has been held accountable through the criminal justice system, but civil action may still be possible. Our attorneys believe that additional victims may still be out there. In light of the troubling allegations against Nott, our dedicated legal team has opened a full investigation into the alleged misconduct of Elliot Nott. You can help us pursue justice.

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Chicago Music Teacher Accused Of Sexual Misconduct

In September 2016, an employee at Ogden International School discovered a small motion-activated camera on the floor of a staff bathroom. Two days later, Nott turned himself in to Swedish Covenant Hospital, requesting a psychological evaluation and admitting to having planted the camera in the bathroom.

According to police, the bathroom in question was used mostly by staff members, but at least one student had special permission to use it. Authorities say Nott would have known about the student's use of the bathroom because she was his student. In analyzing the camera, police found photos and videos of multiple employees and the student using the restroom.

Nott was dismissed from his post at the elementary school before charges were filed against him. Soon after his arrest, Nott and Chicago Public Schools were hit by a private civil lawsuit filed by several of the teachers he filmed inside the bathroom, according to CBS Local. Nott was ultimately charged with seven felony counts of unauthorized videotaping and one felony count of child pornography.

Long History Of Peeping Tom Convictions

Following the formal charges against Nott, investigators learned that the former music teacher had a previous criminal record, a fact originally missed by prosecutors. After searching through court records, police discovered that Nott had been convicted in two cases prior to his arrest for child pornography. In New Hampshire, Nott had been charged for prowling while he served as a college track coach. Earlier, while living in downstate Illinois, he had faced another charge, this time for window peeping. In the wake of Nott's arrest, Chicago Public Schools announced a review of its hiring practices.

Chicago Public Schools Faces Civil Lawsuit

Chicago Public Schools has never said whether or not it was aware of Nott's prior convictions before hiring him. According to CPS spokesman Michael Passman, "we cannot comment on the specific results contained in a background check, per state law." In 2017, a civil lawsuit was filed against the Board of Education for the City of Chicago. The case accused the school district of negligence in hiring Nott, a man with multiple prior convictions for peeping and prowling.

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