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An Early History of Williamsport, PA

The sexual harassment attorneys in Williamsport, PA, present this article to offer readers a detailed excerpt about the area.

The city of Williamsport is located in Lycoming County, Pennsylvania. Williamsport spans 9.43 square miles and hosts an approximate population of 28,186 with a population density of 3,227.53 per square mile. The city is known for its arts, sports, and delicious food. Williamsport belongs to area codes 570 and 272.


Williamsport was first inhabited by Native Americans and is known historically as the site of the 1763 Battle of Muncy Hills when Native Americans fought against European settlers over the territory.

Eventually, Native Americans lost their rights to the land after the Treaty of Fort Stanwix in 1768. From that point onwards, the area of Williamsport began to develop into a residential area.

The first known home of Williamsport was built in 1786 by James Russell. The Russell family became prominent in the early history of Williamsport. By 1799 the town's first post office opened, followed by the first store opening in 1801.

Throughout the mid-1800s, Williamsport was a stop along the Underground Railroad used by enslaved African Americans to escape slavery and migrate to Canada.

The town became more advanced in the late 1800s when the town's first tower clock was constructed in 1875, and the Williamsport Hotel opened in 1876.

Williamsport progressed and integrated all its schools in 1948, and the population slowly began to diversify.

The town continuously progressed throughout the 1900s, and by 1941, the Williamsport Technical Institute opened for high school and post-high school graduate students. The institute eventually became the Williamsport Community College and later the Pennsylvania College of Technology.

Today, Williamsport remains a favorable place to live in Pennsylvania.

Historic Landmarks

With such a rich history, it should be no surprise that Williamsport hosts several historic locations. Some of the town's most notable historic landmarks include,

The Peter Herdic House

  • The historic home located in Millionaire's Row Historic District was built from 1855-1856. The home originally belonged to Peter Herdic, who was an entrepreneur, philanthropist, and mayor of Williamsport during the Victorian era. The home was listed on the National Register of Historic Places on November 21, 1978.

Williamsport City Hall

  • Williamsport's city hall building was formerly a United States Post Office. The building was built from 1888 to 1891 and is known for its stunning limestone ashlar exterior. The building was listed on the National Register of Historic Places on March 16, 1972.

The Williamsport Armory

  • Located at 1300 Penn Street, Williamsport, Pennsylvania, the National Guard armory consists of three buildings designed in the Art Deco style. The auxiliary building was built in 1927, followed by the main hall,  built in 1930, and lastly, the drill hall was built in 1937. The entire armory complex was added to the National Register of Historic Places on November 14, 1991.

If you're looking to visit or reside in a neighborhood with rich history and access to several historic landmarks, then look no further than Williamsport, PA.

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