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West Philadelphia doesn’t get as much attention for its food options as other Philly neighborhoods, particularly those in the Center City area. Nevertheless, in this region there are not only some nationally-renowned universities, but also some incredibly restaurants more than worthy of praise. Below, we share some of our team’s favorites when passing by West Philly.

Saad’s Halal Restaurant

Saad’s got its start as a Halal lunch food truck in University City on 38th and Spruce. At the time, zabiha halal meat wasn’t available anywhere in West Philly, so Saad took matters into his hands, and slaughtered cows and sheep himself and sometimes skinned them to get the job done. Some restaurants are selective with their zabiha halal menu, but Saad’s takes pride in providing an all zabiha halal menu to all their customers, as that’s how they would prepare it for themselves and their families. Indeed, their intention is to offer the exact same thing for every single one of their clients.

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Saad’s makes all their offerings from scratch, which has been noted as the main reason for the flavorful and fresh taste of all their plates by those who frequent this locale. This restaurant is closed for Friday prayers as for the owners, it’s an obligation to attend the Jumaa’ prayer. Additionally, it’s an obligation for them to fast during the month of Ramadan, so they take a break and close for a month for the sake of Allah. Outside of these, anyone can enjoy Saad’s food from Monday to Sunday 11AM to 9PM.

White Dog Cafe – 3420 Sansom Street

Since 1983, White Dog Cafe University City has been a destination in the heart of University of Pennsylvania’s campus for dining, libations, and celebrations in a trio of Victorian brownstones. The first restaurant in Philadelphia to use environmentally sustainable, organic and local foods from farms within 50 miles, White Dog is known for warm hospitality and inspiring cuisine.

Dine in the vibrant Living Room with the famous “Blue Dog” painting, the casual and airy Porch with reclaimed wood and birdhouses. the noble Parlor, intimate Tea Room with plush seating. the Oak Room with a massive marble table for ten or the Den with its wall lined dogs. Downstairs is the Wine Cellar featuring a wall of wine barrels, hanging corkscrews and regal dog portraits, perfect for private parties. The newly expanded brownstone includes the Parlor Bar and the Study and the intimate Solarium downstairs. Chef Albert Alvarado’s menus change monthly reflecting the finest ingredients available.

City Tap House University City

For the City Tap House, “craft is everything”. And while for many, the term craft can refer to obfuscated things, for them it speaks to their complex and innovative beers. It also includes their delectable food, which inspires and surprises. Likewise, their service is top of the line, delighting and exceeding expectations.

From India Pale to Berliner Weisse, Fruited Wheats to Barrel-Aged Stouts, the world of craft beer is rich with variety and innovation. With so much beer to try, entering this world can feel overwhelming for those unfamiliar with it. But one of the City Tap House’s goals is to make it accessible to all namely by categorizing all their options by style and flavor profile.

Naturally, their food options are also prepared craftily, with equal parts precision and patience. Led by their Executive Chef Ian Branning, the menu blends personal expertise with regional traditions to make something daring and refreshing.

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