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A Timeline of McKeesport, PA

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The doctor abuse law firm from McKeesport is the sponsor of the following article. Our legal team is happy to bring you informative content on our local city.

Brief History of McKeesport

McKeesport is a city in the Pittsburgh metropolitan area. As the second-largest city of Allegheny County, Pennsylvania, it is located at the confluence of the Monongahela River and the Youghiogheny River. The area was first settled by Scottish immigrant David McKee in 1755. Called McKee's Port, McKee was granted exclusive rights to operate a ferry service over the two rivers on April 3, 1769, by the Colonial Government.

In 1795, a log cabin was built at the port as John McKee took over his father's, David McKee, local river ferry business. He came up with a plan to establish a city called Mckee's Port. Advertising it in the Pittsburgh Gazette, he formed a lottery system to distribute the plots as a way to avoid complaints from new landowners.

In 1830, McKeesport began to grow as mining of large deposits of bituminous coal in the region started. It was incorporated in 1842 as a borough. With the opening of the city's first steel mill in 1851 and the National Tube Company in 1872, McKeesport became the fastest growing municipality in the U.S.

During the 1900s, the city rose to national importance as the center for steel manufacture. In 1940, its population reached its peak at 55,355 people. However, as the steelmaking industry moved offshore and to other parts of the U.S., McKeesport went into a decline. National Tube closed its doors in the 1980s.

On May 21, 1976, McKeesport was hit with a tragic incident. The largest fire in the history of the city started on Market and Fifth Streets in the "Famous Department Store." Referred to as the "Famous Fire," it destroyed seven downtown structures, damaged 12 others, and started fires in more than 10 homes.

As of 2010, the city has a population of 19,731 people and a total area of 5.4 square miles.

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Historic Landmarks

As an early settlement in America, McKeesport is home to a number of landmarks that tell the history of the city. Although a number of them were burnt down in the Famous Fire, some are still standing to this day. These historic landmarks and properties include:

  • Carnegie Free Library
  • Dead Man's Hollow
  • First Methodist Episcopal Church of McKeesport
  • Great Allegheny Passage Trail
  • Jerone Street Bridge
  • Mckeesport Area High School
  • Mckeesport Marina
  • McKeesport National Bank
  • Penn State University - Greater Allegheny Campus
  • Renziehausen Park Rose Garden and Arboretum
  • Steel Valley Trail
  • St Mary's German Church
  • Youghiogheny River Trail

Renziehausen Park Rose Garden and Arboretum

Renziehausen Park Rose Garden and Arboretum is a 258-acre city park on Eden Park Boulevard in McKeesport. Featuring a rose garden and arboretum, it is open to the public every day from 6:30 a.m. to 7:30 p.m. The park's rose garden is home to 1,200 rose bushes in 28 beds and 300 miniature rose bushes in three raised beds.

Named after Henry Renziehausen and his sister, Emilie, the park offers recreational amenities such as a bandshell, fishing pond, baseball fields, exercise trails, tennis courts, picnic pavilions and restrooms. It also features the McKeesport Regional History & Heritage Center. The local history museum showcases a portrait of Henry Renziehausen and displays of local photographs and memorabilia.

Jerome Street Bridge

Jerome Street Bridge is an arch bridge engineered by George S. Richardson in 1937. Situated across the Youghiogheny River, it connects the east and west banks of McKeesport. However, the bridge that originally stood on the site was an 1880s truss bridge. Only able to serve streetcar traffic, it became inadequate as automobiles became the main form of transportation. So with the use of a Great Depression-era public works bond, the auto-centric four-lane highway bridge was constructed. On June 22, 1988, it was listed on the National Register of Historic Places (NRHP). In 2004, it was also designated by the Pittsburg History and Landmarks Foundation (PHLF).

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