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Brian Kent, Esq. is an experienced sexual abuse attorney with a license to practice in Pennsylvania, New Jersey, New York, and Illinois. Mr. Kent has handled many high profile cases across the country and leads a team of former sex crimes prosecutors who only represent survivors of sexual abuse, sexual assault, and sex trafficking in civil litigation.

Social Clubs in Philadelphia, PA

The Franklin Club Inn This article is brought to you by our experienced sexual abuse attorneys in Philly, PA at Abuse Guardians. History Founded in 1902 by nine cultural leaders, The Franklin Inn Club was created as a place for members to gather amongst dining and good conversation. In 1907, the club moved [...]

Museums in Philly, Pennsylvania

The experienced Philly sexual abuse lawyers have sponsored this article for you to learn more about museums to discover in Philadelphia. Center for Architecture and Design The Center offers education to the public on subjects about architecture, urban planning, and design. Through talks, publications, exhibitions, workshops, festivals, design competitions, and children’s programs, the [...]

Pennsylvania Convention Center

Our experienced sexual abuse attorneys in Philadelphia present this article for you to review all the resources the local convention center can provide to the community. Offering more than one million square feet of space, the Convention Center is the city hub for hosting premier meetings, special events, exhibitions, and conferences. The largest [...]

Best Cheesesteak Restaurants in Philadelphia, PA

Our sexual assault attorneys in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, at Abuse Guardian appreciate an authentic Philly cheesesteak and have presented this article for you to enjoy. Geno’s Steaks Located in South Philadelphia, Geno’s Steaks has been serving the Philly community since 1966. A local attraction, the interior of the restaurant serves as a memorabilia for [...]

Entertainment In Philadelphia, PA

At Abuse Guardian, our clergy abuse lawyers in Philly, PA sponsor this list of performing arts and live entertainment for your enjoyment. The Kimmel Center The Kimmel Center, located in Philly, PA, is a gorgeous venue made for the performing arts. They work with the public to offer a different amount of opportunities [...]

Attractions In Philly, PA

The sponsors of this article, our Philadelphia sexual abuse attorneys a part of Abuse Guardian, appreciate a selection of attractions to visit over the weekend, such as those mentioned. Philadelphia is full of historical monuments, landmarks, and charming scenery. Why not spend some time exploring a variety of educational and contemporary museums? Pennsylvania Academy of [...]

Family Fun At The Philadelphia Zoo In Philly, PA

This page provides in-depth information on our famous Philadelphia Zoo and is brought to you by the Philly sexual abuse lawyers at Abuse Guardians. Philadelphia Zoo Like several other Philadelphia landmarks and monuments, the Philadelphia Zoo was America’s first zoo to open to the public on July 1, 1874. Home to nearly 1,300 [...]

Independence Park in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

This blog entry is presented by the PA sexual abuse attorneys at Abuse Guardian representing the community of Center City Philadelphia. A National Park located in Old City Philadelphia, the Independence National Historic Park preserves numerous sites that were not only an integral part of the American Revolution, but also are absolute pillars of [...]

Attractions to Check Out in North Philadelphia, PA

This page detailing some of the most popular attractions, and ones which you should definitely visit if you're in the area, are sponsored by Abuse Guardian's team of sexual abuse attorneys in North Philly, PA. It's widely known, especially by locals of North Philly as well as by fans of the city as [...]

Our Favorite Restaurants In North Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

The following list featuring some very popular dining options is thanks to the child sexual abuse lawyers in North Philly at Abuse Guardian. The entire city of Philadelphia is widely regarded as one of the best foodie cities in the entire East coast. Many of the most renowned restaurants lie within the boundaries [...]

A Brief Recap of North Philly, PA History

This blog entry reviewing the history of this populous region is presented by Abuse Guardian's North Philly clergy abuse lawyers. While the specific boundaries of North Philadelphia aren't necessarily delineated, it is more of a general zone, it is widely understood that "North Philly" constitutes anything north of Vine & Spring Garden streets. If you [...]

Universities in West Philly, PA

This page highlighting some of the higher-education centers in the area is presented by Abuse Guardian's sexual abuse attorneys in West Philly. The West Philadelphia area's many universities and colleges make it a top study destination not only in the county of Philadelphia but in the entire State of Pennsylvania. In fact, West [...]

Restaurants to Visit in West Philadelphia, PA

This list featuring some of our favorite restaurants is brought to you by the West Philadelphia child sexual abuse lawyers at Abuse Guardian. West Philadelphia doesn’t get as much attention for its food options as other Philly neighborhoods, particularly those in the Center City area. Nevertheless, in this region there are not only [...]

Family Attractions To Check Out In West Philly

This brief post recapping some of the best family attractions in the area is presented by Abuse Guardian's expert team of clergy abuse lawyers in Philly. A large and culturally diverse residential area, the region of West Philadelphia is packed with more than its fair share of delectable dining options and equally varied [...]

The Best Places to Visit in Center City Philadelphia, PA

This article on the must-see places when visiting Center City Philadelphia is presented by the sexual abuse attorneys of The city of Philadelphia, or rather Philly as it is known by those who proudly inhabit it, is not only the most populated city in the entire state of Pennsylvania, but it is [...]

The Top Restaurants in Center City Philadelphia

This brief reports on some of the best restaurants in the Center city region of downtown Philadelphia is presented by the experienced PA sexual assault attorneys comprising Abuse Guardian. Most folks who call Philadelphia their home are already familiar with its widely popular food scene. It's not difficult to see why, and while it [...]

The Best Museums in Center City, Philadelphia

This article on the best museums to check out in Center City Philly is presented on behalf of the PA sexual abuse lawyers of Abuse Guardian.Philadelphia, and especially its downtown or "center city" region is renowned for being covered in beautiful relics of times past. It's also famous for its award-winning restaurants, but we'll [...]

Illinois Southern Baptist Pastor Leslie M. Mason Guilty Of Child Sexual Abuse

Were you or a loved one sexually abused by Leslie M. Mason, a former pastor for a Southern Baptist church in Illinois? Our experienced sexual abuse attorneys are here to help. We've watched with horror as the recent sexual abuse crisis has swept through the Southern Baptist Convention. Hundreds of survivors have stepped [...]

Illinois Southern Baptist Danny O. Hill Convicted Of Sexual Assault

Were you or a loved one sexually abused by Danny O. Hill, a former Southern Baptist minister at churches in Gibson City and Fisher, Illinois? In 2005, Hill was convicted on two counts of criminal sexual assault for abusing a young woman. Danny Hill Convicted On Molestation Charges In court testimony, the victim [...]

Father Joseph A. Rock Named As Accused Child Abuser In Pennsylvania Grand Jury Report

A sweeping grand jury report released in August 2018 has uncovered damning new evidence of the extraordinary lengths to which leaders of the Catholic faith in Pennsylvania have gone in concealing clergy sexual abuse. The report's revelations have rocked a Catholic community that has become all too familiar with sexual abuse scandals. Grand [...]

Father John P. Paul, Pennsylvania Pastor, Accused Of Abusing Dozens Of Boys

Were you or a loved one sexually abused by Father John P. Paul, a Catholic priest in Northeast Philadelphia? We believe you, and we believe your voice deserves to be heard. Legal Support For Victims Of Clergy Abuse You are not alone. Dozens of former students, seminarians and parishioners have come forward to [...]

Father John Bowe Accused Of Misconduct With Children In Philadelphia, PA Archdiocese

In the wake of an explosive grand jury report on sexual abuse within the Catholic Church, our experienced Pennsylvania attorneys have launched a new investigation into the Archdiocese of Philadelphia. In its report, the grand jury has documented over 1,000 cases of child sexual abuse committed by priests from Pennsylvania, casting a fresh [...]

Father Francis Hudak Accused Of Sexual Misconduct In Harrisburg Diocese In Pennsylvania

Were you or a loved one sexually abused by Father Francis Hudak, a Catholic priest who served in assignments widely throughout the Diocese of Harrisburg? Our experienced Pennsylvania sexual abuse attorneys are here to help. Seeking Justice For Survivors Of Sexual Abuse A new grand jury report has uncovered evidence of widespread wrongdoing within [...]

Father Francis Feret: Philadelphia, PA Priest Accused Of Sexual Abuse

Pennsylvania's Catholic community is reeling in the wake of a federal grand jury report documenting widespread sexual abuse. The grand jury found substantial evidence of child sexual abuse within Pennsylvania's Catholic Church, identifying over 1,000 victims with credible sexual abuse complaints against more than 300 priests. Pennsylvania Grand Jury Report Documents Long History [...]

Father Andrew McCormick, Philadelphia, PA Priest, Faces Sexual Abuse Allegations

An explosive grand jury report released by Pennsylvania Attorney General Josh Shapiro has thrown the Catholic Church once again into crisis. Covering over 70 years of Church activity, the sweeping report provides documentation on over 300 priests who have been credibly accused of sexually abusing and molesting young boys and girls.In all, the grand [...]

Monroe, NJ Dentist Richard Goldberg Arrested For Sexually Assaulting Employees

A Monroe, New Jersey dentist has been arrested on four charges of sexual assault, according to An investigation by the Monroe Police Department found evidence that 47-year-old Dr. Richard Goldberg had inappropriately touched at least 3 female employees, including one who was only 17 years old at the time. New Jersey Family [...]

Dr. Mahmoud Ghaderi Convicted For Assaulting Patient In Pennsylvania

Were you or a loved one abused by Dr. Mahmoud Max Ghaderi during an exam at one of the ear, nose and throat specialist's Pennsylvania offices? Dr. Ghaderi has been accused of inappropriate sexual conduct by at least 5 women who came to the medical doctor looking for help with their medical problems. [...]

Dr. Fabio Ortega, Skokie Gynecologist, Accused Of Sexual Assault In Illinois

A Skokie, Illinois gynecologist has been arrested on charges of sexually assaulting a patient. Dr. Fabio Ortega, 72, was taken into custody on September 10, 2018. Help For Assault Survivors Is Available Were you or a loved one assaulted by Dr. Fabio Ortega? Our deepest sympathies go out to you. Sexual assault can [...]

State College Massage Therapist Kevin Gilliam Convicted Of Sexual Assault

Were you or a loved one sexually assaulted by Kevin Gilliam, a former massage therapist working out of State College, Pennsylvania? You are not alone. Gilliam has been convicted on charges of indecent assault and harassment for misconduct committed at American Chiropractic Spa and Retreat. At least four women have accused him of [...]

New Jersey Massage Therapist Asmar Berry Accused Of Sexual Assault

Were you or a loved one assaulted by Asmar Berry, a massage therapist in Pennington, New Jersey? Berry has been accused of sexually assaulting a customer at Renewed Spa Massage during a massage session. He has been charged on counts of sexual assault and criminal sexual contact, but our attorneys believe that other victims [...]

Darryl Bailey, Former Philadelphia Youth Counselor, Accused Of Sexual Misconduct

Were you or a loved assaulted by Darryl Bailey, a former youth counselor at Philadelphia's Youth Emergency Services Shelter? Bailey has been accused of stalking and groping at least one young woman under his charge, according to the Bucks County Courier Times. He pleaded guilty in September 2018 to two misdemeanor charges of [...]

Katz Jewish Community Center In Cherry Hill, New Jersey Faces Sexual Abuse Accusations

Sexual abuse allegations have been leveled against an unidentified male counselor at a Katz Jewish Community Center (JCC) camp in South Jersey, NBC 10 Philadelphia reports. On Monday, August 14, 2018, representatives from the Jewish Federation of Southern New Jersey sent a letter to parents, notifying families of the accusations against a man [...]

Former York Tech Teacher Kevin Nagle Convicted Of Molestation In Pennsylvania

Were you or a loved one molested by Kevin Nagle, a former teacher and store manager at York County School of Technology? Nagle has been convicted on charges of assaulting two young students under the guise of measuring them for pants, but prosecutors say at least two additional victims are out there. Our [...]

Severe Physical Abuse Alleged At Pennsylvania’s Glen Mills Schools

According to extensive reporting from the Philadelphia Inquirer, one of Delaware County's most prestigious schools for juvenile delinquent boys, the Glen Mills Schools, is home to widespread abuse of students, along with repeated attempts to conceal the misconduct from state regulators and law enforcement authorities. Delaware County Reform School Hides History Of Abuse [...]

Ten Children Dead In Viral Outbreak At Wanaque Center In New Jersey

Was your child killed or injured in the recent viral outbreak at the Wanaque Center for Nursing and Rehabilitation? Our dedicated attorneys are here to help.Secure justice for your familyLearn more in a free, confidential consultationYou pay nothing until we recover damagesThe Wanaque Center has been cited in the past for violations of basic [...]